“Building Hubs of Climate Resilience: Will Friends Act in Radical Faithfulness?” | Philadelphia Yearly Meeting keynote

Last weekend, I had the chance to offer a keynote address to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and I also got to attend some of their other events at their virtual annual sessions. If you’re interested, the video of my keynote address was recorded, linked below: “Building Hubs of Climate Resilience: Will Friends Act in Radical Faithfulness?” (They caught me waving greetings in the cover still for the video.)

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Ecojustice Collaborative completed a “sprint” leading up to annual sessions and brought a report to the gathered body, which was approved in the business session right before my keynote. The report was called: “Moving Forward Together in the Face of Climate Change.” With knowledge that Friends in their yearly meeting are at least verbally committed to taking climate change and environmental justice seriously, I offered thoughts, suggestions, and leadings about how to build a more resilient community, thinking about the ways Friends and other faith communities have fallen short in the US, and ways Friends meetings might be able to contribute to forming hubs of climate resilience in their neighborhoods. I hope and pray the Spirit takes it from here and lights a fire of courage, joy, and steadfastness under each one in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to build strong communities that can meet the challenges we’re currently facing with climate and other areas of justice.

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