Quakers and Ecospirituality | Woodbrooke course

Starting in mid-August, I’ll be teaching a course through Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, UK (though virtually). The course runs from 16 August–10 October, 2021, and is called Quakers & Ecospirituality: grounded practice to meet the ecological crisis. Check the link for a more complete description of the course.

I got to visit Woodbrooke back in 2005 when we gathered there to do pre-gathering planning for the World Gathering of Young Friends, for which Joel and I were the full group gathering coordinators. It was such a beautiful place and everyone was so hospitable. Too bad the course isn’t there on location, but I have wonderful memories of the place.

This course will draw on themes from my dissertation relating to the importance of the connection between ecopraxis and spiritual disciplines. Seeing our actions as spiritual disciplines—or practices connected to our faith—can help strengthen our ability to continue to engage in actions that care for the planet. Also, as we engage in these spiritually grounded actions repeatedly, we form habits that make it possible to take on new and deeper eco-practices. Part of the work is spiritual and emotional, while part of it is practical. Working on caring for the Earth with a community can bolster our sense of hope and courage to do this great work of justice, care, and building the sustainable future we need. Join us!

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