Pendle Hill lecture | Friends and Sabbath in the Time of Climate Change, August 1, 2022

Join me tomorrow, August 1, 2022, for the First Monday Lecture at Pendle Hill. I’ll be sharing on the topics: “Friends and Sabbath in the Time of Climate Change.” The event will be on Zoom at 7:30pm Eastern (4:30pm Pacific), and it’s free to register and attend.

Practicing the Sabbath, one of the Ten Commandments, can come across as antiquated or legalistic. How could it possibly relate to climate change?

I feel that societal permission to rest, to consider each being and the land to have the inherent value that we think all are worthy of resting, can help shape our culture away from the causes of climate change and toward a shalom community.

The ability to practice Sabbath is a privilege not available to everyone in our current society. What would it be like to set up a culture that created space for each person, animal, plant, and the land to experience rhythms of rest?

I hope you’ll join me in considering these ideas and queries. You can register here.

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