Ecotheology of Critical Hope at Harvard Divinity’s Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture Conference

On Thursday, I’ll be in Boston for Harvard Divinity School‘s Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture Conference, and I’ll be sharing a poster presentation based on my work to develop an ecotheology of critical hope. I’m looking forward to chatting with people about this concept and finding out whether or not it connects with their experiences. Below is my poster, which gives you an overview of the way I’m currently conceptualizing this ecotheology of critical hope. I’m also looking forward to going to the great sessions throughout the day on Thursday, then I’ll be heading up to New Hampshire for my PhD weekend classes at Antioch University New England on Friday and Saturday. There are also great sessions on Friday, though I’ll unfortunately miss them. We can’t do everything in life, right? But I’m excited that this conference lines up with my PhD weekend so I can attend part of it, make connections, share about my research, and learn about the great work that others are doing.

CBock_Critical Hope Poster

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