“Integrity & Ecotheology” on Pendle Hill’s “The Seed” podcast

If you haven’t yet found Pendle Hill’s podcast, “The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope,” go check it out now! They came out with a first season in the fall of 2022, and once I started listening, I just binge-listened to all 5 episodes. Podcast host, Dwight Dunston, does an amazing job of opening up simultaneously energetic and meditative conversations. People share their stories about the ways they’re actively living their Quaker or Quaker-adjacent calling to peace, justice, and love of neighbors. It just gives me so much hope to know that all these people are out there in the world, doing the work they’re doing. You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or wherever you get podcasts. Look up “Pendle Hill Seed,” or you can find links and info here.

I got the chance to be a guest on the second season of the podcast, and it dropped this week! The theme of this season is “Integrity,” so my episode is, not surprisingly, entitled “Integrity & Ecotheology.” I talk about how actively living in more sustainable ways, whether that is through our purchasing choices, advocacy, and/or activism, is a way to live out Quaker integrity.

I encourage you to subscribe to The Seed and get a regular dose of hope and inspiration! Thanks so much to Pendle Hill for sponsoring this podcast. It is free to the whole world! If you want to show your support for their work and make sure it can continue, feel free to contribute here. You can also share this flyer with your networks.

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