Berkeley Friends Quaker Heritage Day Speaker

March 10, 2018 I will be the speaker for Berkeley Friends Church’s Quaker Heritage Day. They hold this event each year, and invite in a scholar from around the country (including some we know from the Northwest, such as C. Wess Daniels in 2012, Carole Spencer in 2010, Marge Abbott and Peggy Parsons in 2006, Retha McCutchen in 2003, and Lon Fendall in 2002).

My topic is “Quakers in the EcoReformation,” and I’ll be speaking in session 1 about “Why an EcoReformation?” Session 2 will cover, “Quakers & Creation Care: Potentials & Pitfalls in Quaker Theology,” and in session 3, I will get people started thinking about and planning for “Joining the Eco-Reformation through Watershed Discipleship.”

If you live in the Bay area and are interested in joining, please do! This is a collaborative effort between the Friends churches and meetings in the area, and although I will spend some time speaking directly about how environmental concerns connects with Friends traditions and theology, most of it will be of interest to anyone working toward environmental care from the perspective of the Christian faith. You can register for the event here.

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