GreenFaith retreat 2, day 3

Well, it’s late, so I’m not going to give a narrative version of today, but here are a few things we did:

  • Discussed developments in our public voice on environmental topics.
  • Had a break, during which I went for a nice walk through the Garrison Institute’s lovely network of trails in a thin forest up the bank from the Hudson River.
  • Discussed our leadership project ideas.
  • Had a spectacular honey tasting, hosted by Elizabeth Keihm of Homecoming Farm, Amityville, NY. They have an organic garden and a CSA, and they are working on putting the land of a group of Dominican Sisters under agricultural conservation land easement, attempting to be a benefit to the community. Elizabeth is one of the GreenFaith fellows. She gave a great presentation about bees and honey, and we did a honey tasting, which was a lot like a wine tasting. She also brought yummy snacks to pair the honey with! Honey flavors included chestnut, acacia, goldenrod, and the Homecoming Farm honey, which wasn’t a varietal but was amazingly tasty.
  • Enjoyed the fire pit, but got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

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