Whole Terrain: Trust volume released

Trust coverI work as the editor for the journal Whole Terrain, a journal of reflective environmental practice put out by Antioch University New England (where I’m working on my PhD in environmental studies). Today we just announced the release of our newest volume, Trust. If you want, you can read my Editor’s Note.

This is an annual publication, and when I came to Whole Terrain about a year and a half ago, I was impressed (and still am) by the range of different types of authors, artists, and practitioners that Whole Terrain’s volumes include. In this volume, there are individuals who write and teach, as one might expect, and also a lawyer, a wildlife rehabilitator and someone who worked at a wolf sanctuary, a forester, a state park employee, a biologist, and an individual who is helping share the stories and ways of our nation’s native peoples. There is an artist who places sculptures in the ocean to create artificial reefs, and to attract tourist traffic away from the natural reefs. There’s an artist who recorded the sound of trees, then did an art installation of the sound files after a region of the forest was clearcut.

The work these individuals are doing and the way they share and explain it in these pieces is inspiring and beautiful. Check out the Whole Terrain website and download the order form if you want to order your copy of this volume.

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